Photo Credit: Forbes

With a five point seven inch touchscreen, the LG V20 is yet another phone added to Android’s lineup of large tablet looking smartphones. The question is, is it any different than all the other huge android phones out there? The short and simple answer is no. However, there are a few aspects of the phone which are unique to Android, and also many features which are the same as all the other Androids out there.

First off, this LG smartphone is the first Android to be released with the new Android seven operating system. Android seven is said to have many new upgrades from Android six, and is also expected to run faster and more fluidly. Also, the LG V20 features a “second screen”, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge which features a small striped touch screen bar on the side of the phone. On the LG, this screen is located on the top of the phone, by the self portrait camera, and allows the user to interact with the settings and other applications while in the middle of an activity. One great selling point on the LG V20 is the audio system.

The phone contains a thirty two bit Quad DAC, which will strengthen the audio of the phone by quite a bit of intensity. Besides the second screen and the high powered sound, most of the features on the LG V20 are nothing special that we haven’t already seen on any other average Android. Ultimately, the LG V20 does not have the correct quality to compete with its Google and Samsung competitors, as most of its upgraded features can be found on a phone that will hold same price and even more upgrades.