Image Source: Reddit

That is right Apple lovers, there is a chance that Jet White iPhone is coming to the market this holiday season?! It hasn’t been confirmed yet. All rumors, but we all love a great rumor that can turn into reality. We will find out soon. But, it would be a perfect time right around that dreamy snow season to show off the newest Jet White phone. Some might say that Apple wants to take away that sparkle from Samsung, but we will never know the truth behind the true intentions.

Who says that Jet Black iPhone is the coolest thing? It looks like a lot of sweat and work has went to the design, but could it be that bigger picture was missed?

The mystery is still upon us and maybe we will see some magic happen over the holiday season. I hope you all stay good this season. They say “be careful what you wish for as you might get it”. Don’t forget to bundle up East coasters and bring out your sun hats my West coasters as we might be for a new ride. Jet White might be next big thing, but we will never know.