Source: MacRumors

When Apple came out with the new update, let’s face it, it was buggy. No one likes hiccups! We expect things to work smoothly. But, it is technology world, and one day it works and another day it is replaced by competitors.

The question that everybody wants to know is it worth it to update the phone to iOS 10? It is a mixed feeling. There are pros and cons to everything of course. I will let you decide!

My personal favorite feature is the ability to delete most of the pre-installed apps from Apple such as Maps, News, Reminders, Notes, Books, Weather & Stocks. Of course, you can’t delete the most important apps like Messages, Camera, Phone, Photos, Safari, Settings, and etc. Finally, we don’t have to use our memory on apps that don’t matter.

Did you ever wanted a personal assistant that you didn’t have to pay for? Well now you have the new and improved Siri. Siri can do more advanced tasks such as using your installed apps to pay others, look up fashion on Pinterest, or send messages via LinkedIn. Go ahead and challenge your new assistant Siri!

How about those messages?! Some interesting stuff happening there. You can now express yourself beyond emojis. You can keep people in suspense for couple of seconds there.

Have fun exploring!