Google Pixel

The new Google Pixel smartphone is the newest addition to the lineup of phones operated by Android. This is the first phone to be produced entirely by the search engine Google, and with the specs this phone features, it has done an incredible job on their first phone. Like the iPhone seven and seven plus, as well as the Galaxy and recently recalled Galaxy note, the pixel also comes in two size variants.

The Pixel XL comes with a five and a half inch screen, and the regular Pixel comes standard with a five inch screen. With a metal and glass created case, the design and look of the phone shows resembles to that of an iPhone. However, the Pixel decided to satisfy the needs of music listeners, leaving the headphone jack in the phone untouched.

Due to its HD AMOLED panel, the phone displays with a crystal clear resolution of one thousand and eighty pixels. With the processor of the phone being Snapdragon eight two one, the phone is supported by a strong momentum which speeds up its connection and increases the Pixel’s overall power. Also, one of the most impressive things featured on this phone is the twelve megapixel camera, which competes directly with the iPhone’s camera. Overall, the Pixel is a speedy, powerful, and high tech version of Android, Google has definitely proven that its phone is a serious contender to all other competitors.