Photo Credit: Beats

Beats by Dr. Dre have been a cornerstone in the world of headphones for quite some time now. To professional musicians and experienced audiophiles, the Beats headphones are not the best earphones you could buy for the price of several hundred dollars. However, partnering with Apple has given Beats more of a popularity with customers as opposed to when they were owned by Monster. First off, the comfort of the headphones has changed, with a lighter and more portable bending frame.

Also, the design of the Beats is more sleek and stylish, compared to the old bulky metal shape it had. The most recently Solos Wireless Three headphones are in direct contrast with iPhone’s attempt to switch their phone to Bluetooth playback only. For starters, the battery life on the Bluetooth headphones is much longer and more powerful than before. Apple’s iOS is easily compatible with the Beats Wireless headphones, with a one button connection one turning them on.

One of the only downsides to Beats headphones that the company has still not been able to improve is the leaking of the headphones. Anyone standing within a few feet of the headphones can hear the music clearly. With more progress being done to the headphones, the bass and the audio of the Beats has greatly increased over the past few generations. Apple has been able to get rid of the “bloated” sound that the Beats were projecting and focus more on the actual groove of the music. Overall, Beats have always been a stylish and popular name in headphones; yet recently, the headphones have greatly improved in actual quality and playback.