Source: Apple

With the release of the second generation apple watch, new features are bound to present themselves in the new smartwatch. Yet the newly upgraded apple watch consists of almost everything the previous watch had. Both watches function on the same software, with the third watch OS coming soon to both platforms. The apple watch series two also features the same screen as the first generation, an OLED pressure sensitive display presented through the ION X Sapphire glass screen.

Compatibility with iPhone and the heart rate sensors remain untouched for 2016’s apple watch. Moreover, the weight and size of the second series watch is almost identical to the first generation, but has a slightly larger increase in depth and weight. The expansion in weight and thickness is due to the newly placed Apple S2 Dual Core chip, which will replace the previously used Apple S1 Single Core chip. Switching to a dual core chip will ultimately speed up the loading and processing of the new watch.

Furthermore, one of the most impressive gadgets featured on the new apple watch is the watch’s very own GPS system. Even though the watch is not on a standalone cellular system, the built in GPS helps locate and track where the watch is at all times. Other newly added traits include water resistance (lasting up to fifty meters) and a 2x brightness contrast, as opposed to the previous 1x brightness display. The second generation apple watch now offers several different variants of the watch’s appearance. Now featuring a special edition Nike Plus model and a Hermes luxury model, the watch offers a bit more variety for shoppers. This year, Apple drops the pricy eighteen thousand dollar solid gold watch variant, and switches to a twelve hundred dollar ceramic cased alternative. Overall, the freshly updated Apple Watch definitely has some new and improved features, but still heavily resembles the very first Apple Watch.