Photo Credit: Cnet

The Apple iPhone Six Plus has had a new issue present itself to customers concerning the phone and its functions. The problem is called “Touch Disease”. It is an internal issue with the phone which develops when the phone is dropped multiple times and mistreated. The damaged iPhone hardware then creates a lagging screen responsively. A flashing bar appears at the upper part of the iPhone screen and causes the iPhone’s touchscreen to stop working and become unresponsive.

Many customers have been suffering from the touch disease, writing complaints to Apple and searching for a solution to this issue. Apple is now offering to fix the problem known as touch disease for a fee of one hundred and fifty dollars. However, repair technician specialists claim that the issue is not caused by dropping the phone or mishandling it, but from a design flaw which wears down the phone during everyday usage.

The details show that the touchpad keys may be misshaped overtime do to poor placement. Several customers have already filed lawsuits against Apple over the summer in protest of the issue and the high price for repairing it. Many people are outraged that Apple is claiming touch disease to be a result of misuse. This problem is present on the iPhone Six Plus and the Six, though Apple is currently offering assistance for the touch disease on the iPhone Six Plus. More information is to come in regards to whether Apple will be able to pinpoint a direct reason for touch disease and a steady solution for it.