Apple’s products seem to be a following a specific pattern of marketing. Each of the brand’s successor, whether it be for iPhone or the iMac, has been removing more vital features and increasing the price of the product. The newest and most recent iPhone, the iPhone seven, has just been released without a headphone jack. There were several reasons Apple considered removing the headphone jack as an “upgrade” for the phone.

Firstly, the removal of the jack would allow the iPhone to hold more space for the phone’s battery and storage. Also, a cordless iPhone would be able to promote Apple’s newest bluetooth earphones, the air pods, which are to be released later this year. In regards to the Macbook, Apple just released the new Macbook Pro. The Macbook Pro comes with a very interesting and futuristic touchscreen bar at the top of the keyboard, which can control and regulate the Mac.

However, the touchscreen bar is not what is causing criticism and hatred on the newly released Macbook Pro. Apple has decided to release the successor Macbook Pro without a port for an SD card or for a USB flash drive. Removing the ports on the laptop are said to help create more storage and power for the laptop, and will be able to promote Apple’s iCloud and airdrop over the standard use of removable storage disks. Ultimately, the choice is up to the customer whether they favor old school methods of audio and storage, or if they value the size of their storage and power.