Photo Credit: Microsot

With the Amazon Echo and the Google Home competing against each other for the top spot in home PC apps, Microsoft has now brought its name to the competition of at home interaction PCs. The Amazon Echo and the Google Home both strive to make the interactive PC the center of everyday daily occurrences. With Windows Ten on the rise, Microsoft is aiming towards creating a new application which they call “Home Hub”.

It is said that Home Hub will work on any Windows Ten PC through which Cortona can be activated straight through the home screen in order to create technological interaction. Cortona is Window’s assistance tool, like Apple’s Siri. Microsoft’s recent goal has been to orient their technology with more family centered activity, like sharing documents, information, appointments, and other useful guidance. With all of Microsoft’s newest and recent technological advances, the app Home Hub will be an innovative way to share information, find out data, contact others, and will be a heavy opponent to the Amazon Echo and the Google Home.

Microsoft is also speculating the use of Home Hub on their other products, like the Xbox one. Reviews for the Amazon echo have been tremendously high, therefore the release of Microsoft’s very own version of the echo will be incredibly groundbreaking not only for the competition, but for the brand itself. The Microsoft Home Hub is set to hit the market within the next year and will definitely be a powerful addition to the home pc interaction market.