Photo Credit: Snapchat

Snapchat’s attempt at creating an easier experience for users just took another big step. In Venice Beach last week, Snapchat put up a “Spectacle” vending machine and established a line for any customers interested. The product sold out fast and now customers are waiting for the next disclosure on when the Spectacles will be on the market again.

The Spectacles are Snapchat’s first very own camera. However, this camera is not any ordinary camera. It is a pair of stylish and lightwear sunglasses which are compatible with the Snapchat app. The glasses are paired with the app using bluetooth streaming connection and then using the Snap code in the user’s app. The sunglasses capture moments for Snapchat on the go and at any time, as long as the glasses are charged. To take a photo or a video, it’s as simple as pushing a button, which is all you need to do.

The camera records at full HD quality and can also film in either a  horizontal or a vertical mode. With the glasses just being released, Snapchat is taking a leap in the right direction with their brand. Now users can snap on the go and instantly, without having to take their phone out every several seconds. With more Snapchat fans desperately trying to get a hold of some of these sunglasses, the company has yet to release more information on when and where the next vending machine will be placed. Overall, the Snapchat Spectacles were a genius idea for the company’s name.