Photo Credit: CNN

What started off as a small private photo sender, has converted into the biggest and hottest name in social networking today. Snapchat is one of the most downloaded and used applications on any smartphone. The application allows users to communicate with others many different ways, and is also fully created for mobile use. To be more exact, Snapchat is created not just for mobile use, but for mobile cameras. Without a cellular camera, the app will not be able to work.

Firstly, the app allows users to get creative with their videos or photos, through the use of different humorous emojis and interactive texts. With the use of interactive emoticons like facial filters that recognize your facial features and swap them with other peoples or even converts them into cartoons. Snapchat also allows you to send these edited images and videos out to your friends and followers. The most interesting part of snapchat is that everything is done in the moment, nothing is uploaded and used as current time.

The application encourages people to reveal their story throughout the day, showing what they are up to and where they go. There is even a location option which places a small animated icon for where a person is located. Every town, city, area, or location has a different type of animation, called a Geofilter. These Geofilters are just another feature which allow a snapchat to be even more unique. The invention of Snapchat was an incredibly smart idea, as millions of people use it everyday, all around the world. The app lets people share certain aspects of their day, while still being creative and fun.