Photo Credit: Apple

Apple has stated in the past that the iPhone eight will be a completely new type of phone, and a full on game changer. With the release of the iPhone seven, many customers were disappointed with the lack of upgrade they actually saw in the phone. With the design being almost identical to the iPhone six, apart from the missing headphone jack, the iPhone seven had barely any cosmetic or technologic differences compared to its predecessor.

With Apple’s production slowing down, and the iPhone eight still long away from being released, the company has informed the public of their newest product. Apple has announced several plans for their tablet device, the iPad. Firstly, the company plans on featuring a borderless iPad, which will in turn create a larger screen to go along with the iPad Pro.

Apple also plans on using their new True Tone display, which enhances all graphics, images, and layouts, on a large thirteen inch iPad Pro. The iPad Pro has so far been an innovative technology featured by Apple, that is operated by a much faster speed and power than any other iPad. With the removal of Apple’s bulky metal borders, and an increase in the iPad’s size, the capability of the tablet could be even larger due to it’s new size and power. All in all, the Apple iPad’s future is a bright one, and the releases of several new and fresh iPads could help Apple with production before the release of their game changing iPhone eight.