Photo Credit: HP

Competing with the Lenovo Yoga Nine Hundred and the Samsung Notebook Nine Spin, the HP Spectre X Three Sixty most definitely possesses the best performance, design, and portability out of all the notebook laptops on the market. The Core I seven chip in the processor is accompanied with sixteen gigabytes of RAM and a five hundred and twelve gigabyte SSD. The PCie SSD is super fast on the Spectre X Three Sixty with a DVD transfer rate of three hundred and eighteen megabytes per second.

In contrast to performance, the audio featured on the Spectre X Three Sixty is stunning, big thanks to luxury brand Bang and Olufsen. Bang and Olufsen built a four way speaker set up inside the computer itself. For the slim and small size of the laptop, HP was able to insert a fifty seven point eight watt to hour battery in the notebook laptop for a greater battery life and utilize a full HD display on their thirteen inch screen.

Plus, the thin and sleek HP Spectre X Three Sixty does not lack on many essentials that a full size laptop has. One of the only things missing in this notebook laptop is a port for SD cards, and of course an HDMI output which no notebook laptops carry. Apart from the missing SD card ports, the laptop has all its USB ports intact, allowing for people to still be able to upload their photos from an SD Card through an external hard drive. Overall, the HP Spectre X Three Sixty is an impressive machine with incredible performance for its small size.