GOPro stated that the Hero Five Black is “simply the best GOPro, ever”. With the recent updates and newest specs of this camera, the statement above is most definitely correct. For starters, the Hero Five Black features dual microphones, improving its microphone pickup gargantuanly. Like many cameras being released this year, the GOPro features a Global Positioning System, for better connection pick up.

Even though GOPro is known for being the sports camera it is with incredible water resistance, being able to go ten meters under water without any protective case, the Hero Five Black possesses a two inch touch screen for better interactivity with user and camera. The images taken by the camera are now going to be more enhanced and less blurred, with GOPro finally utilizing Electronic Image Stabilization, which will be able to stabilize any video taken on the GOPro immensely.

Also, the GOPro now has practical and functional voice controls, in order to change settings and options while on the go. This product’s incredible action camera is placed inside one of the smallest case GOPro has ever produced, increasing the performance power of this device as well. This product is by far, the most useful and practical, as well as impressive camera that GOPro has ever released.