Photo Credit: kennejima

With the recent issues of Apple iPhone 6 and 6s’ powering off while fully charged or the iPhone Plus’ suffering from touch disease, the brand cannot handle another software problem. Unfortunately, Apple’s bad luck has not ended just yet as they face another issue with their operating system, this time pertaining to the newest series Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 2’s recent Operating System update 3.1.1 has been temporarily recalled by the brand after recent complaints. The 3.1.1 update is reported to cause the Apple Watch to brick and become defective. After a red exclamation point pops up on the display, the watch no longer works and becomes bricked. A forced restart has not worked for most users complaining of the Apple Watch’s bricked Operating System. The customers then bring their broken Apple Watch into the Apple Store where they leave it with an Apple Genius.

It is said that the Apple Geniuses ship the Apple Watches to Cupertino (Apple’s Hometown) and provide a replacement model for the broken item. Currently as of now, no information regarding the Apple Watch’s non working Operating System has been revealed. Apple is having trouble locating the issue in their watches in order to release a newly patched version of this app which will have the screen not freeze. Cupertino has just gotten rid of the Operating System 3.1.1 for right now and currently searches on for a new OS that will make up for the trouble caused by the recent frozen screen disaster.